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Game Of Thrones in SAS Visual Analytics - Episode and Character Analysis

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Just in time for season 8 of the very popular Game Of Thrones TV series - I found an interesting data set containing a detailed character count for each season and episode, published by Jeffrey Lancaster. The data also includes relationships between characters such as married, killed by, etc. - allowing for interesting data visualizations. I used the data in this example infographic using SAS Visual Analytics:


Game Of Thrones - Episode and Character AnalysisGame Of Thrones - Episode and Character Analysis


The interactive version of the report allows interactive filtering - providing more detailed analysis and comparison between seasons and episodes. 


Not quite 'just in time' since season 8 is two-thirds over.

I wish the data had information on characters that died and returned from the dead to either kill someone or to die at the hands of someone else.  Also it only shows a single house affiliation instead of changing house loyalty over time.

Can we have the link to the live version?  I am trying to convince my company to give SAS VIYA a try.  This example visualization would be a great demo.  Thanks.

Hi, Unfortunately I don't have access to a public demo server. The interactive version looks very similar to the provided screenshot - just with ability to select GoT seasons and episodes. However, I will forward the request internally and see whether a live demo server can be provided for future examples. Thanks, Falko

@FalkoSchulz A detailed social network is also available in a live version? Static looks a bit cropped.

@frobi As mentioned before - unfortunately I don't have a public demo server but yes, I zoomed in a bit while taking the screenshot to show some more details including node images. But yes, a live version would allow you to interact with the social graph.

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