SAS Tip: Program Run Time (Daily tip for 2024-Jul-14)

A couple of useful things to do with the current time:

1. Put it at the top and bottom of your program for a quick & easy way of seeing how long a program took to execute.

  %let datetime_start = %sysfunc(TIME()) ;
  %put START TIME: %sysfunc(datetime(),datetime14.);
  ... program code ...
  %put END TIME: %sysfunc(datetime(),datetime14.);
  %put PROCESSING TIME:  %sysfunc(putn(%sysevalf(%sysfunc(TIME())-&datetime_start.),mmss.)) (mm:ss) ;

2. It's also useful to put this in a footnote for output that will be archived.

  footnote2 "%sysfunc(datetime(),datetime14.)";

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