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Three Fundamental Mistakes That May Limit Your Career and How to Correct Them

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Alexander Schacht, The Effective Statistician


Do you as a data scientist or statistician want to have a career with a large impact? If yes, you need to influence or lead others even if they don't report to you. Through years of experience in leadership training, I have identified three common mistakes that limit the impact of data scientists and statisticians. And, I made all these mistakes earlier in my career. First, during our education and training, we acquire a mindset of consulting, teaching and researching. We find happiness in solving interesting technical problems. We think being right is good enough and the facts speak for themselves. Second, we love the methodological and technical side of our job; therefore, we invest all of our time in learning new methods and improving our coding skills. We believe all our problems at work can be solved through these skills and this is the only factor determining our career. Last, we believe that leadership is only about directly supervising others. This is the job of people with a big title and those that have this title know how to lead. We might even believe that leadership is something you cannot learn. Join this presentation to learn more about these mistakes and what steps you can take to avoid them.

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