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Investing in Education Intelligently

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Paper 1196-2021

 Sam Edison, Rushya Puttam, Akhil Emani, Nithisha Katta, Oklahoma State University


Student loans are a critical resource used by many Americans to help pay for the goal of achieving higher education. As the tuition for post-secondary education continues to rise, the need for understanding student loans and the variables that impact individuals abilities to pay them back is vital. In a recent survey, Country Financial found that only 9% of parents talk to their children about managing student loan debt (PR Newswire, 2019). Many borrowers are teenagers who have little formal financial education and even less experience in such financial matters. The College Scorecard is an online tool assisting students to evaluate higher education options. Created by the United States government, the tool helps address the disconnect experienced by future students and the high cost of advanced education. Using SAS(r), this study analyzes data compiled by the Scorecard to provide further insight into possible student outcomes based on institution-level data.

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