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Please provide a PROC CONTENTS and a PROC PRINT (of the first 10 observations) of your new DEBT_DATA data set so we can determine the cause of the problem.




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@dw_sas was right in his suggestion of how to fix your problem.


But you still have a few issues in your code.


  • Do not use the same data set name and the SET name. It makes it really hard to debug your code, is confusing and bad practice.
  • data data;
    set data; 
  • You have a year variable which is numeric and represents a year, as 1994, 1995. It is not a SAS date. 
  • For some reason you think you need to loop - SAS does this automatically so it's a single line of code to create your year variable. 
  • %let start=1983;
    %let end=2017;
    data data;
    set data;
    format date year4. ;
    date = "01jan&start."d;
    do until (date > "01jan&end."d);
      output data;
      date = intnx('year',date,1);
  • When I imported the data there were some empty rows and columns, I deleted them.


I changed the variable name from date to myDate to make the code more clear.


See below:






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@Lok07 did this solve your issues?

Calcite | Level 5

It works.

Thank you so much.

The problem was in date function when i verified my data i found that the ancient date function create date from 1983 to 2017 but for each debt's value 


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