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Real-Time Insights and Real-World Impact: SAS® Event Stream Processing at Rijkswaterstaat

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In this presentation, we will delve into compelling use cases from the Rijkswaterstaat, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management of the Netherlands, where SAS has been instrumental in transforming data from an array of sensors into actionable insights. Rijkswaterstaat has multiple sensors installed across the country's vast network of highways, bridges, tunnels, locks and pumping stations, not to mention those deployed in the maritime environment. These sensors continuously transmit streams of data and have revolutionized how we monitor, manage and optimize infrastructure use in real time. We will explore how SAS Event Stream Processing, SAS Studio and SAS Visual Analytics are deployed to process this incoming data, from its import to its eventual analysis and visualization. Attendees will be exposed to the data engineering challenges and the creative solutions developed to meet them. We will showcase instances where custom-made codes, models and plugins had to be developed in different frameworks and integrated with SAS tools to transform complex data structures into comprehensible visualizations. This exploration of real-time sensor data, its processing, and its role in decision making will provide compelling insights and stimulate productive discussions. The presentation intends to demonstrate what real-time data analysis can achieve nowadays and encourage imaginative thinking to push its limits even further.

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