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As advised by @SimonDawson, the EG developers are currently investigating a fix for this. There is no timeframe at this point. 

Fluorite | Level 6

Just updater from update 1 today.

I'm having same problem with update 2 - locks up after short while during load of library.

SAS Employee

We are still actively investigating a fix.  This is a very high priority.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


In the meantime, you could roll back to EG 8.2 Update 1 (via Windows Add/Remove Programs, View installed updates) to avoid this issue.


Update: This issue was technically resolved in EG 8.2 Update 3 (released 7/23/2020), but we highly recommend upgrading to EG 8.2 Update 4 (released 7/29/2020) instead of Update 3, due to a regression in Update 3:



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SAS Employee

An update to address this issue has been made available see SAS Problem Note 66336.

Fluorite | Level 6

Just installed the hotfix. The performance problem is solved in my case.



SAS Employee

Just for clarification, the potential for high memory consumption (when fully expanding libraries with lots of tables by clicking the "More" or "All" links in the Servers pane) was introduced in EG 8.1.  It existed prior to EG 8.2 Update 4.  As mentioned in the linked thread, the recommended workaround is to use the File Open dialog for navigating items beyond the first 500, rather than using the "More" and "All" links in the Servers pane.



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