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Calcite | Level 5

I've been building an automation program in vbs that uses the SAS EG scheduling vbs as a framework and then I've heavily customised it.


Part of that customisation is to run a list of EGP files listed in a set of calls. This all works fine, but my final task is to build a timeout functionality, which I know windows task scheduler has built in, but this is for the entire script. What I am trying to do is build it specific to each time an EGP is called, so that it can kill one if it takes too long and then move on to the rest.


What I ended up trying is using the prjobject.isrunning but it doesn't function the way I expected, I can't find any documentation about it and I was hoping someone had used it succesfully in the past.


Failing that, has anyone achieved something similar via a different method?


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