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Dear reader,


At the time this article has been written, the world was facing one of the greatest challenges of the century for the humankind: the COVID-10 pandemic. I truly wish that this situation is finished and you be safe, when reading this article.


Many people stayed quarantined in their homes trying to keep healthy, safe and still stay productive the way it was possible. At the same time, we had the front-line workers in hospitals, supermarkets, drugstores, restaurants and gas stations to guarantee the essential services were minimally provided.


This fact has compelled part of the companies to accelerate their digital transformation, considering that great part of the sales demand has moved from the physical stores to the online ones. Instead of buying the groceries in the supermarket and take the risk of contamination, consumers preferred to make an order in the online store instead.


Although this situation was not exactly what software companies had planned for their customers in terms of digital transformation, this was a great opportunity for the customers to (re)think about their digital journeys and provide the online services with the excellence their customers expect from them.












Figure 1 - Meme that I have received in the Social Media and that has inspired me to write this article.


This way, the intention of this article is to complement this previous related article and bring insights by presenting additional use cases that has implemented by CI360® customers around the globe.


The idea here is to cover the use cases that have a great impact on the Sales Conversion and how the customer interacts with the brand.


Use Cases

Implemented by Customer Intelligence 360® customer worldwide

Table 1.png


If you are interested in knowing details of anyone of these use cases, please, leave a message in this post and a Customer Success Manager will be in touch with you to provide additional information and define the next steps of this implementation in case you need to count on SAS in this endeavor.


I hope this article has instigated your curiosity or maybe inspired you to innovate your business processes with the experience of SAS in Customer Experience.


Ednei Gomes

Global Customer Success Team

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