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Most modern browsers can automatically identify JavaScript that can be preloaded (asynchronously) in a web page. Preloading JavaScript can improve responsiveness and performance for both your site and SAS Customer Intelligence 360. 


To enable preloading for the SAS tag, you need to split the <script> element for the SAS tag into two distinct elements: 

  • an element that references the server script for SAS Customer Intelligence 360 
  • an element that uses the ci360 JavaScript object that is created by the first element 


The elements must be split, because preloading does not work when the preloaded <script> element contains embedded JavaScript code.  


When the SAS tag is preloaded, data collection and content delivery can begin when the server’s JavaScript is loaded, instead of waiting for the entire page to load. This can help reduce spot flickering when content is delivered. 


In addition to benefits of preloading, the split version of the SAS tag enables an event queue for version 2 of the JavaScript Events API. Events can be sent to the API before the page (or even the SAS tag itself) has completely loaded. When the SAS tag is ready, the queued events are sent to SAS Customer Intelligence 360. 


Note: The split SAS tag is backwards compatible with older browsers, because they can safely fall back to synchronous loading. 


For more information and the steps to enable this feature, see the topic Performance Options and Best Practices in the Administration Guide for SAS Customer Intelligence 360.  


Also, other new and highlighted features are in the What’s New for the latest release of SAS Customer Intelligence 360. Find additional information about SAS Customer Intelligence 360 on the Learn and Support page. 


The features described above are available in SAS 360 Discover and SAS 360 Engage: Digital. 

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