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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a data privacy regulation that enables individuals to have more control over how organizations use their data. The “Right to be Forgotten” is a regulation that enables individuals to request that an organization delete any data about them. This means that the identities that are deleted using the GDPR delete request cannot be restored again.


This is article 2 in a series of ‘GDPR delete of Identity data in SAS® Customer Intelligence 360’ that covers how to perform a GDPR delete of identity data using the SAS Customer Intelligence 360 UI.


  1. First create a data descriptor of type DELETELIST as described in the section Create a Data Descriptor Using the SAS Customer Intelligence 360 UI


     2. Create the CSV format file with one column for identity Type subject_id:

            a. Collate all the subject IDs in a column.      

            b. Ensure that CSV file MUST have a header row. The first row is always interpreted as a           header.

           c. The input data in the CSV is limited to a maximum of 256 characters.

           d. Each row in the CSV file should be unique.


        For example, the CSV file could look like this:




  1. Go to General Setting -> Table Management and select the check box of table created in step 1. Click the Upload File icon to upload the CSV file.


  1. To check the status of the delete request, select the table and go to Import History. Click the Details view icon in the Details column. The Deleted Identities status indicates that the delete request is successful, as shown below:





For additional help, contact SAS Technical Support by creating a track with the Contact Support option in the SAS Customer Intelligence 360 UI


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