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Enterprise Guide (EG) 8.3 is available and here is a list of my favorite news.

This list is not a complete, but just my favorites; have a look at the additional news in the on-line documentation.


  • You can now work in EG without using a project
      • As a programmer it has been quite annoying to work with projects, but now you can just open a program or a table without adding these to a project.
      • You can still use projects if that’s what you prefer, but can in the same project open data or programs without “destroying” the process flow
      • Options
  • No more restrictions for windows layout
    • Each window can now be layout exactly as you wish, floating or docked.
      Just drag an open window around to undock, or dock a window using this
  • Data unlocked automatic.
    • This error:
      ERROR: You cannot open WORK.FEMALE.DATA for output access with member-level control because WORK.FEMALE.DATA is in use by you
      can now be avoided
    • Options:
    • Or you can easy close all open items, either from the window Open Items:
      or right-click on the tab you want to keep and close all other:

  • Tree remains opened after refresh.
    • If you have opened a tree in e.g. server window, you might have noticed that a refresh previous collapsed the tree.
    • In EG8 the tree remains opened:

  • Drag/Drop enabled
    • You can now use drag and drop from e.g. server list, either table or column names can be draged:
    • You can even use drag and drop from output and log window


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