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What's New with SAS Model Manager? New Project Wizard

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Creating projects in SAS Model Manager just got a lot easier! 😊


With the December 2020.1.1 release, we've included a guided experience to help users set up a new project. The New Project Wizard makes it easier for users to create new SAS Model Manager projects. For instance, you can save a new project after specifying requested information including the model function, model comparison and assessment criteria, input and output variables, user-defined properties, and keywords. This guided experience captures required system- and user-defined project properties to enhance model governance and stage projects for Performance Monitoring and future alerting/retraining, using project KPIs. This feature will be included in the SAS Model Manager 2021.1 LTS.


Here's a quick video showcasing this new guided experience.



This is one of many guided experiences within the SAS Model Manager user interface, enabling all users to evaluate and operationalize models faster and more intuitively.


During the video, you'll notice the wide range of model functions supported by SAS Model Manager. Here's a complete list of supported model functions users select when creating a new project:


Model Function



Function for any model that is not Prediction, Classification, or Segmentation.


Function for models that have target variables that contain binary, categorical, or ordinal values.


Function for clustering models.

Computer vision - Image classification

Function for computer vision model that is used for image classification.

Computer vision - Object detection

Function for computer vision model that is used for object detection in a classification network.

Computer vision - Keywords detection

Function for computer vision model that is used for keywords detection in neural networks.

Computer vision - Image segmentation

Function for computer vision model that is used for image segmentation.


Function for models that have interval targets with continuous values.


Function for segmentation models.

Single-series forecasting

Function for models used to forecast future data based on past data for a single time-series.

Text categories

Function for SAS Viya Text Analytics categorization models.

Text concepts

Function for SAS Viya Text Analytics concepts models.

Text sentiment

Function for SAS Viya Text Analytics sentiment models.

Text topics

Function for SAS Viya Text Analytics topics models.


Function for models used to determine mathematical functions that can be used to stabilize variances, remove nonlinearity, and correct non-normality in variables to improve the fit of your model.


For more detailed information including step-by-step, how-to information, please reference the Create a New Project documentation link.


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