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What's New in Data Management in SAS 9.4 M3

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For our Data Management customers, here is summary of what's new in Data Management as of the 9.4 M3 release which is available as of July 14, 2015:



  • SAS/ACCESS engines across 9.4 M3
    • New SAS/ACCESS engine for Pivotal HAWQ
    • Updates to existing ACCESS engines (see table below)
    • Support for SAS 9.4 M3 platform


  • Update to third party metadata support in SAS Lineage

A new Meta Bridge Relationship Loader batch command line utility is available that uses the SAS Metadata Bridges (MITI) to load lineage information to the SAS Relationship service that is part of the SAS mid-tier. The batch utility exports metadata from a specified third-party applications that users have a licensed Metadata Bridge for (more details and a list of supported bridges can be found here). The utility will then profile the exported metadata for lineage and other relationship data which is persisted to the SAS Relationship service. From there, this non-SAS metadata can be easily visualized alongside SAS metadata within SAS Lineage, a component provided in many offerings from SAS Data Management.


  • Additional updates
    • SAS Data Quality Accelerator release 2.7 for Teradata supports the 9.4 M3 platform
    • SAS Data Quality Accelerator release 2.7 for Hadoop supports the 9.4 M3 platform


SAS/ACCESS engine update summary:


New Feature or Capability


  • Added support for DB2 BLU Acceleration

ACCESS for Greenplum

  • Improved bulk load support
  • Improved NLS support
  • Improved performance when reading numeric and date data types
  • Improved ODBC client driver install on Windows


  • Added support for in-database processing of Base Procedures (RANK, FREQ, MEANS, RANK, REPORT, SORT, SUMMARY, and TABULATE)
  • Added support for SQL-IP
  • Added support for FedSQL and DS2

ACCESS for Hadoop (Hive)

  • Improved SQL pushdown
  • Added support for Query Interrupt
  • Added support for Binary, DECIMAL data types
  • Enhanced performance with direct reads from HDFS with READ_METHOD=HDFS option
  • Improved support for MapR distribution
  • Improved error handling

ACCESS for Impala

  • Added support for In-Database Processing of Base Procedures (RANK, FREQ, MEANS, RANK, REPORT, SORT, SUMMARY, and TABULATE)
  • Added support for PROC FEDSQL and DS2
  • Added support for CHAR and VARCHAR
  • Added support for Impala running on a MapR cluster – DRIVER_VENDOR=MAPR
  • Added support for 32-bit Windows platforms

ACCESS for Oracle

  • Added support for Oracle Transparent Application Failover (TAF)

ACCESS for PC Files

  • Added support for Stata release version 117

ACCESS for SQL Server

  • Now available on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms

ACCESS for Teradata

  • Added support for 32-byte object names
  • Added support for 128-byte object names within PROC FEDSQL and PROC DS2 only


Expect even more updates to come from SAS Data Management in the next weeks and months!


Data management users will also be interested in the greatly enhanced SAS 9.4 Support for Hadoop page on the Third-party software site.

This page lists several new 9.4/M3 documents, such as an deployment scenarios guide and an overview of SAS products that work with Hadoop.

Included also is a table, SAS 9.4 Supported Hadoop Distributions, that provides details about the minimum supported versions for Hadoop distributions

and Kerberos.

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