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What are installation requirements for the Salesforce API Connection?

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There are the items that are needed when starting this installation:


  1. The application download URL. This can be provided by Support.
  2. The Enterprise version of Saleforce and administrator privileges to install this application.
  3. Create an account in your SAS Intelligent Advertising for Publishers instance that has Administrator Role permissions. This will be the account used to interface with the SAS Intelligent Advertising for Publishers instance from Salesforce.
  4. Retrieve the API key for the account to be used to interact with the SAS Intelligent Advertising for Publishers instance. This can be found in your SAS Intelligent Advertising for Publishers instance by navigating to Admin->Users->The user account. Once on this page you should see the API key.
  5. Retrieve the ID of the default Terms and Conditions to be used when creating a Proposal from Salesforce. This ID can be obtained by navigating to Sales->Terms and Conditions and then the Terms and Conditions entry to be used as the default. The ID will the number at the end of the URL.

Here is a video tutorial of setting up the application in Salesforce:

Part 1

Part 2

SAS Intelligent Advertising for Publishers Salesforce API Connection Installation URL





Read Usage Note 53741: Salesforce API Connection Installation Requirements to check for any updates to the info above.

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