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Using Period to Date Calculations

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Happy Tuesday Everyone,


In Visual Analytics 6.3, we released some very powerful and intuitive functionality around period to date calculations. I have attached a document written by our SAS VA product management team. This article covers the conceptual approaches of creating solid base understanding of the functionality.  With powerful ways of solving business problems, there can be a learning curve. We tried to flatten that learning curve for you in the document. If you have some good use cases for this type of functionality, please chime in. We would love to hear some of the ideas people have around using functions like these to solve business problems.  If you have used Visual Analytics 6.3, please let us know how you have used period to date calculations already as well.






Hey Anna-Marie,

thanks a lot for sharing the paper! I have tried just a few possibilities of the "Aggregate Measures", it looks very helpful.

Best regards,


Hi Anna-Marie,

Thank you for sharing this document. It is great to see these new period to date calculations in SAS Visual Analytics 6.3.

I was wondering whether there are plans or if you had any advice on how one can do Financial Year to Date type derivations or even Retail Calendar Intervals within the VA interface as you can create in Base SAS with the INTNX function using Shifted, Custom or Retail Calendar intervals -

I am aware of a few sites that need to provide financial and retail calendar reporting within VA and I see that this would be need to be done as part of the data preparation.

Perhaps in a future release there could be a configurable financial year setting as part of the VA installation with the ability to do other types of date based intervals?

Kind Regards,


Andreas, we are happy to share the paper and hope you find it valuable! Michelle, you present some great ideas for more detailed examples. I will present the ideas to my team and will get back with you!



Thanks . I look forward to see what the team suggest.



HI - was wondering if anyone has a way of using the period calculations with a financial year field - or can think of a workaround? on site at an org who use financal years - so need to be able to calculate differences across these as opposed to years.

Hi DamianMcLoughlin, you bring up a great point about using the period calculations with a financial year field. Would you mind posting your question as a new thread? I think current and future community members would benefit from this example.



Do you have any progress in financial calculations?


I have gone around and have a formula for the calculations by using cumulative period up to a date. However, I would like to have this date as a variable and not as an input.

Is there a way to transform a variable date, category into date?! look at the error message

The formula works if I change the 2nd yellow as '20Jun2016'd, but ideally, if I create some variables as date, I would like to include them in the formula. Is there a way to do this?!


cumulative year calculations.PNG



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