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Use Case: Immediately displaying personalized content in a spot

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Use Case:


A user clicks on an external ad and is redirected to a landing page with related content being displaying in the hero image.




The original configuration involved a page view event and a web task. Upon testing the use case the ad-specific hero image wasn’t displaying on the landing page on first load. A refresh of the page was required to load the correct hero image. 


Why was this original configuration failing?


The failure relates to the RACE condition from the page load to the content request. Typically, data doesn't have a chance to be captured until the page loads and by that time the content request is already happening.




The use of Spot Attributes. The attributes are sent with the content request which ensures you have them when a content decision is made.


Step by step instructions


1. Add a spot attribute to a spot


2. Determine how you receive the campaign code or parameter. In the example below parameter is used but your specific method might be different. 




3. In the targeting section for the web task choose Spot and you should see your Spot after having selected Spot for the task.


4. Put in the value that you want to use to perform the targeting. 




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