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Unveiling the Latest Upgrades: SAS Visual Analytics Empowers the Academic Community! Part 2 of 3.

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Empowers the Academic Community! Part 2 of 3. 

Welcome back to our journey through the latest upgrades in SAS Visual Analytics inSAS Viya for Learners 4.   In part 1, we delved into the general enhancements. Now, let's zoom in on one of the most significant enhancements: the process of creating data items including calculated expressions and dynamic features.  So, buckle up and get ready to revolutionize your data with SAS Visual Analytics.  


  • Custom Categories: The custom categories interface has been enhanced with a new look and feel. The interface is more compact and easier to use. For interval groups, a visual shows how large each interval is compared to all other intervals.  



You can also automatically generate groups from measuresYou can specify the number of groups to generate.   Equally sized ranges will be created, and you can edit those ranges. 



  •  Outlier detection: The new Insights windowlhartjordan_2-1718634115882.png identifies possible outlier values in the data for the objects in your report.  It provides a new outlier analysis pop-up window that shows how outlier values affect your data.  



Measures in the Data pane are automatically checked for possible outliers. An icon appears beside measures that might have outlier values. 



  • Expression Builder: The visual expression builder has been overhauled upgraded to use a new editor called, Monaco.   



Selecting a function will automatically display the interface on the right side of the dialog, and previews will be generated automatically at the bottom of the dialog.  The expression builder also includes typeahead, tab autocomplete, and hint features, dynamically giving people help along the way as they type.   The new interface includes a help menuThis menu is new to SAS® Visual Analytics and describes exactly what each argument does with in the function. 





  •   A newAbbreviate numeric valuesoption enables you to specify the scale and digits of precision.  



Additional enhancements: 

  • The min() and max() operators are now supported for dates and datetimes.  
  • The term “quick calculation” replaces “derived item” for data items that you can create by using the new calculation pop-up menu selection on the Data pane.  
  • Hovering over a calculated data item will reveal its expression without needing to edit the calculation.   
  • Axes for time-series objects, line charts and more support logarithmic scales. 


Excited to check out all the new features in SAS Visual Analytics in SAS Viya for Learners?  Educators and students can sign up for free access to SAS Viya for Learners using an academic email address. 


Stay tuned for post 3 unveiling the thrilling updates to Objects! Did you miss my first post on General Enhancements? If so, you can find it here:   






Great info. Thanks for this series!

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