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Two new SAS Studio FAQs list release numbers and much more

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Getting the full picture of your SAS Studio deployment just got easier with the release of two FAQs.


Which edition of SAS Studio do I have and what’s in it?

The first FAQ tells you which SAS Studio deployments are available and when they debuted. It also lists release dates alongside corresponding SAS version numbers (as shown below).


What SAS Studio deployments are available.jpg


















The FAQ also provides details about each edition:


  • You can upgrade the Enterprise or Basic Editions of SAS Studio 3.4 to SAS Studio 3.5 without running the SAS Deployment Wizard or any other installation media. SAS Note 57898 has the details.
  • The Single-User Edition of SAS Studio is delivered with Base SAS and runs on Windows operating environments. For the Single-User Edition, all the parts of SAS Studio are installed on the same machine, and only one user identity has access. Because everything is installed on a single computer, you can access local files. You do not need to upload data or programs.
  • The Basic Edition of SAS Studio is delivered with Base SAS and runs on Windows and UNIX operating environments. This edition includes SAS Web Application Server and the SAS object spawner. Any user who has an operating system account on the Windows or UNIX machine can log on through a web browser over the network.
  • The Enterprise Edition of SAS Studio is available if your site licenses SAS Integration Technologies. This edition works with SAS Metadata Server, SAS Web Application Server, and SAS Web Infrastructure Platform Database.

Read What SAS Studio deployments are available? to see release dates, supported operating environments and more.


What’s new in SAS Studio?

The other new FAQ describes most recent features added to SAS Studio, including (as of Oct. 26, 2016):


  • A batch submit feature that lets you run a saved SAS program in batch mode, allowing you to run one program while you continue to use SAS Studio.
  • Repositories that make it easy to share tasks and snippets with users inside and outside your organization.
  • Global settings so that administrators can define folder shortcuts for users.
  • A new Messages window that displays information about the programs, tasks, queries and process flows that you run.
  • Four new tasks and enhancements to seven existing tasks.

Read What new features are available in SAS Studio? to see the details.


Not new, but still useful

This “Getting Started” FAQ is worth mentioning alongside the others. It answers your basic, “How do I…?” questions, describes how SAS Studio integrates with other SAS products and much more.


Let us know how if these resources are helpful. Comment below!


Looks like we're overdue for 3.6, or maybe it'll be 4.0 with many enhancements on the visual-designer side of things? It's hard to see EG being obsolete anytime soon, but I hope SAS will prove us wrong. Apologies to EG lovers - but the day when no clients software needs to be installed will be a good day.

@lanceanz - the next release (3.6) is just weeks away (at the time of this writing, Nov 5 2016)!  Some cool new features in there, with more tasks, more process flow capabilities.  SAS Enterprise Guide gets an update at the same time with its own set of new features that programmers will love.  I don't think you'll see one product replace the other, but you will see more integration points so that teams can be productive with both, depending on their needs.

Hi Chris. That's very good news. We're currently implementing SAS Server (including non-distributed VA/VS). I've made SAS Studio 3.5 available to our SAS desktop users so they can learn to love it before losing DM Smiley Wink Not the best performance on our lowish-end PCs, but they can see it's pretty nice. I've told them it'll be tremendous (sorry) when the server is up!


We have an almost 50/50 split of EG and DM users. Are you able to tell me if the updated EG and SS with both be available for download separate from the main depot? We need to start getting the client tools "allow listed" very soon. Of course I'm assuming 9.4 TS1M4 isn't about to be released also ...



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