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Tip: Bayesian networks implemented in the HPBNET proc in SAS® Enterprise Miner™ 14.1

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Check out this video showing how Bayesian Network Classifiers are implemented in the HPBNET procedure in SAS® Enterprise Miner™ 14.1:




We give an introduction to Bayesian networks and show you how to do classification using Bayesian networks. We also go through the various Bayesian network structures supported in PROC HPBNET. Then you’ll learn the structure and parameters of various Bnets. Finally, we give a brief summary of PROC HPBNET’s features.


Follow the community for another video demonstrating the new HP BN Classifier node in SAS Enterprise Miner 14.1 that calls PROC HPBNET.



I want to learn more about PROC HPBNET. Do you have other videos as well?

I am looking for a solution to a business problem using Bayesian Network in SAS. In my data, I do not have target variable. I have a health claim data where I want to use prior probabilities to give a score to new a probability score.


P(CLAIM / Var 1, Var2, Var3).   These input variables could be multiple claims variable like age, diagnoses etc. and probability score is likely to be low if any of these variables value is out of order.


Could you please guide how can I use PROC HPBNET to measure the probability score.

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