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This Free Learning Resource Gets You Started in Machine Learning and Statistics using SAS Today

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The purpose of this post is to help you find some free and useful tidbits for performing advanced analytics analysis using SAS.


Ever find yourself looking for a quick tip on how to do something in SAS? You might be trying to run a logistic regression, or use autoencoders, or get a refresher on analysis of variance (ANOVA). Well, I have some good news for you!


As part of, we have released a free new course, SAS Analytics: Getting Started. It is designed to be equally useful as a just-in-time resource to find a quick How-to, as well as a course you can work your way through sequentially. If you spend a couple hours a day, you can go through all the content in about 3 weeks. Or, just navigate to a topic you are interested in and get started there.


Here’s what you’ll find in the course:


Week 1: The future of AI and how to perform statistical modeling


In this first week, you’ll be inspired by all the possibilities with the AI and analytics revolution. After that, you’ll work your way through exploratory analysis, statistical process control, ANOVA and regression models, and more in the area of statistics.



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Week 2: The fundamentals of machine learning


Find out what all the excitement is about in machine learning, and how you can prepare for a professional certification. Then, learn the essentials of machine learning in SAS, advance to deep learning, and then pick the best models with discussions about model assessment.






Week 3: Advanced and Specialized topics


Week 3 is all about feeding your curiosity in areas such as ModelOps, optimization, forecasting, econometrics, and text analysis. The week wraps up with streaming data, generative AI, and trustworthy AI.






It’s free to get started today. I’ll see you in class!



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