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The SAS-lsm Utility: Making Multi-Tier Deployment Management Safer and Easier

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SAS Technical Support is happy to announce the release of the SAS Local Services Management (SAS-lsm) utility, version 4.0.0, for UNIX and Linux operating systems on SAS GitHub. This switch to using open source to access the utility, rather than distribution from a SAS Note, provides SAS and Linux administrators with a much simpler download process. In addition, administrators can fork (copy) their own repositories to make any customizations to the tool that they want.


The utility’s purpose is to simplify the process of starting and stopping SAS® Intelligence Platform services in a multiple-tier deployment for UNIX and Linux SAS administrators. It uses a configuration file that is customized to your deployment and SSH commands that orchestrate the operations of the services. The configuration file ensures that correct tier dependencies are met during starts and stops, thus limiting the potential for user error.


Since SAS-lsm was introduced, we have added many new features to the utility. The most important features added are shown below.


  • Log collection and analysis upon a failed start or stop action
  • A UserExits framework that provides the ability to use customized actions before or after an action (New to Version 4.0.0)
    • Example: The SAS Deployment Agents are not controlled by the sas.servers script. The administrator can provide a simple script on each tier that runs the start command for the deployment agent after a successful start of the rest of the services.
    • Example: After a successful stop action on a tier, the administrator can have a script that verifies that no zombie processes are locking up necessary ports.
  • Support for Solaris and SUSE Linux
  • Support for metadata clustering
  • Support for SAS® LASR™ services

Be on the lookout for more content and updates for SAS-lsm on the SAS Communities.


To learn more about the SAS-lsm utility, see these resources:

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