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Testing a spot in production on the sly

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There’s an easy way to test a web spot in production using SAS Customer Intelligence 360 without a visitor seeing it.  

Once you’ve identified the spot and provided the spot details, add a URL query parameter attribute to the spot’s location. This can be accomplished by doing the following:  
In the 1st field enter ‘ci360’ 
In the 2nd field select ‘Equals’ 
In the 3rd field enter ‘test’ or whatever value you’d like.



















Next, save and publish the spot.

Finally, navigate to your browser and enter the full URL for the page where your spot resides and add ?ci360=test at the end of the URL. For instance,

Now you can get a glimpse of what your spot will look like in production without the worry of a visitor seeing the test. 


Hope this helps!



Global Customer Success Team


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