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Take the SAS Visual Analytics Report Design Challenge

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The Visual Analytics Report Design Challenge gives you a chance to apply report design best practices to reports created in SAS® Visual Analytics on SAS® Viya. You will use tips to create a compelling report that is both useful and easy to understand. Then, you will have a chance to apply those tips to a report that is deemed ugly, ineffective, and confusing. Show off your report design skills!



You are a report designer for Orion Star Sports and Outdoors. Another designer on your team has built a report (Ugly Report) for the Insight Toy Division that has not been received well by users. Because there is so much confusion about how to use the report, nobody is using it, even though it is desperately needed. You have been asked to improve the report to reduce confusion and complaints and to improve the user experience. The hope is that this will improve adoption of the report in the organization.

Ugly Report (First).png   Ugly Report (Second).png   Ugly Report (Third).png


You will need to modify the report to address all complaints received by users (navigation, design, accuracy, and comprehension). You can redesign the report in ANY way you choose, just make sure you address the user complaints and ensure that product managers get the information they need!


Are you new to Visual Analytics or a beginner user?  No worries, we have you covered. The challenge includes several hints if you are stuck or need some additional guidance. In addition, a step-by-step Proposed Solution is available.


When you're ready, download the materials and the data:


Be sure to share pictures of your Beautiful Report!


What a great challenge! Thanks @nicolemarieball and it was really lovely seeing you in Dallas this week. I saw some of the SAS Designers and they reminded me of the SAS Beautiful Reports site that might provide guidance/tips/reminders to participants in their designs. Check out




Thanks @MichelleHomes! That's an excellent site; thanks for linking to it 🙂

My pleasure @nicolemarieball. It is an excellent site and I thought it would be fitting to add it to the thread to assist participants in their entries.

@nicolemarieballwhere is the proposed solution starting report located? The location mentioned in the challenge doesn't exist for me and the search service is down so I can't search for the Beautiful Report (start) report.

@blurple I'm not sure where you are trying to access the report, but if you want to try this in your own environment, follow the steps in the Instructions.docx file (attached to the article). The JSON files for the reports can be found in the Report JSON file (attached to the article).


Good luck!

@nicolemarieballthe only environment I have access to is Viya for learners, which doesn't allow outside data as far as I can tell. Is the report available in this environment?

@blurple Yes! It's called Ugly Report in the Courses/YVA1 folder.

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