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SUGI Conference Proceedings from 1976-onward: available on

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Before there was SAS Global Forum, there was SUGI (SAS Users Group International).  While today we take for granted that conference papers are published and made available online in-an-instant, those early conferences had only printed proceedings, typed on typewriters, bound into books and made available only weeks after the event.


Several years ago, the board and SAS teamed up to digitize these documents and make them available online.  With now in read-only stasis mode, to be eventually decommissioned, the team has brought those proceedings "back home."  21 years worth of conference papers -- over 7,000 documents in all -- have been relocated to  




Take a walk through memory lane and explore the SAS papers of yesteryear:



Here's a poignant quote from Dr. Jim Goodnight's paper from SUGI.ONE (1976) about PROC GLM:

Hopefully, during the coming year, SAS users will study in more detail the differences in the various types of estimable functions. Perhaps (and just perhaps) We may someday be able to agree on the estimable functions we want to use in any given situation. If this day ever comes, We can then consolidate the different types of estimable functions (and live happily ever after).

Did that day ever come? You statisticians can chime in to tell us.

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