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SAS Viya Availability: CAS Data Failover Demo

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In previous articles, we've discussed SAS Viya and CAS availability capabilities and how the integration with Kubernetes streamlines and simplifies the management and recovery of failed components.


How does that translate to end-user experience?


Designing and managing the availability and failover capabilities of an enterprise system such as SAS Viya can involve multiple architectural levels, including infrastructure services, platform components, and deployed applications. Software architects, SAS administrators, and installation engineers have to consider and discuss how to best configure all these layers, but, in the end, what is really important is to address how users are (or, better, are not) impacted.


Given this objective, I decided to record a demo of a SAS Viya environment where you can see a real case of a client application, SAS Visual Analytics, surviving a CAS worker failure, thanks to proper system configuration, in order to create an optimal user experience.




With this demonstration, I hope you've seen how, thanks to a properly configured SAS Viya environment, users can keep working while a backend disruption happens to a critical component such as a CAS worker. In the end, user satisfaction is the objective of every SAS administrator!


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