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SAS Skill Builder for Students: THE One-Stop Shop for Marketable Analytics Skills

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If you’ve interacted with SAS Skill Builder for Students at all, you may think of it as simply another virtual learning lab. And that’s true—it is a really good virtual learning lab! However, it’s also a lot more than that. With Skill Builder for students, you can: 


Learn to Crunch Data with Robust SAS Software: 

Analytics aren’t always intuitive. With Skill Builder, you have access to a myriad of courses ranging from broad statistical concepts to ultra-niche. With an engaging mix of videos, practice materials, quizzes, and demonstrations, you can ensure that you’ll learn the concepts before you move on! 


Confidently Prepare to get SAS Certified: 

With Skill Builder, you have access to Certification Pathways. These are custom-made sets of exercises, lessons, and practice tests that give you everything you need to ace your SAS certification exam the first time. You’ll also rack up quite a list of SAS Learn Badges, so Certification Pathways might be for you even if you don’t intend to take a certification exam.  


Unlock Discounts on SAS Certification Exams: 

If you decide to pursue a SAS Certification (good call), Skill Builder gives you access to some pretty serious discounts. I would know. I leverage student discounts more than anyone! Learn how to access them here. 


Leverage Your Knowledge into a Career: 

We know that if you’re taking our courses, preparing for certifications, and ultimately obtaining SAS credentials, you probably want to turn those skills into a career. There are more ways to do that than you think. Skill Builder is also a great place to find career resources! Learn about the various applications of data science and analytics and find ways to leverage your skills into a job. You can even learn about internships and early career opportunities at SAS! (As a current intern at SAS, you won’t want to let a job like this pass you by.) 


SAS Skill Builder for Students is much more than just a learning platform. In fact, if you leverage it well, it can be a powerful asset in your development, credibility, and employability in a world that is increasingly centered on data. Don’t miss out! 


Love this write up, Sam!  SAS Skill Builder for students is more than just a learning platform.  Thank you for outlining the ways that students can get started today!

SAS Skill Builder for Students opens essential doors to students that want to build a solid career - there is a long list of career success-stories through SAS Skill Builder for Students and its predecessors. 

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