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SAS Customer Intelligence 360 Discover - Can I?

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  1. Can a user add multiple domains in 360 Discover? If yes, how many domains are supported?
    • Yes, user can add multiple domains in 360 Discover. Number of domains supported by 360 Discover are 1000.
  2. Can a user do Web Analytics with 360 Discover?
    • Yes, 360 Discover enables organizations to go beyond channel-level data collection to collect detailed customer-level digital data. Being able to analyze data at this level of detail allows organizations to go beyond the “what” and “how” of traditional web analytics and answer the “who” and “why” questions that marketers are often asked.
  3. Can a user receive the data in real-time or do I have a real-time reporting?
    • 360 Discover collects data real-time. Reporting within 360 Discover shows 4 hours old data.
  4. Can I track what else the visitor is doing (outside my domains)?
    • 360 Discover helps user to see how visitors are coming to their site. This knowledge enables user to analyze the effectiveness of marketing and email campaigns, search engine optimizations (SEOs), and other channels that they use to communicate with visitors.
  5. Can a company honor visitor's choice of not being tracked by Discover before it starts tracking through browser settings?
    • Customer Intelligence 360 allows a choice to honor ‘Do Not Track’ setting visitor has set in the browser.
  6. Can I make sure the system is GDPR conform?
    • Yes, SAS Customer Intelligence 360 provide native opt-out support. Segments will only contain opted in users. Also, SAS Customer Intelligence 360 provides mechanisms to ‘Forget’ a visitor, to cater ‘Right to Access’ requests, ‘Right to Update’ requests.
  7. Can a visitor be identified across devices?
    • Yes, a visitor can be identified across devices provided a visitor is using same identify type.
  8. Can a user export reports to share it with other users?
    • Yes, Customer Intelligence 360 reports allows to export data and print the graphs as PDF. 

      Also, there are another way to access Discover data using Discover API which downloads a comprehensive and very granular data model with around 30 or more tables. There are possibilities to get pre-prepared discover base tables which already contain joined customer behavioral data for easier reporting and there as an option to use a specific export API to download customer event data as well as contact and response history information.

  9. Can 360 Discover track global cookie sync with Google and Facebook (permanent sync of cookies to synchronize the data)?
    • No, 360 Discover doesn’t track global cookie sync with Google and Facebook
  10. Does 360 Discover provide interface to Google AdWords measurement of ad impressions, clicks, costs?
    • No, 360 Discover does not provide such an interface.

Nice quick information on CI360 ! Liked the concept of "Can I" article series.. 

Good Information, very helpful !!!

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