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Questions and Answers from SAS Certification Webinar: How to Prepare for the SAS Visual Analytics Certifications June 17, 2021

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Q: Will this webinar be recorded and made available later?  When will this webinar be offered again?

A: Yes. An on-demand version of the webcast will be available within a few days and can be accessed using the same audience link that was sent to you earlier when you registered for the webinar.  The Q&A will be posted to the Certification community as a library article.   


Q: Does Base SAS help prepare for Visual Analytics exam? 

A: It cannot hurt, but it is not required or needed for the VA exam.


Q: Are there Coursera or other MOOC courses to help prepare??

A: There are some courses available in Coursera on VA.  You will want to review the exam content guide against the various syllabi to make sure the courses cover what you need.


Q: Are there SAS books to prepare for Visual Statistics exams?

A: There is not a specific book designed as a preparation guide, however there are books available to would help your base knowledge in Visual Analytics:


Q: What would be recommend for beginners? 

A:  Begin with the Exam content guide @ there, decide if taking the courses suggested on that website makes sense for you.  Prior to testing, the practice exam as a last measure of preparedness is recommended.


Q: What is effective way of learning? related question: Can you also suggest on what not to do?

A: We covered some of this particularly at the beginning of the webinar.  It is best to start with the exam content guide and determine areas you are strong and where you could use more training.  Take the courses aligned with what you need.  Lastly, I'd recommend not taking the practice exam earlier than just before you are ready to test to assess preparedness.


Q: Are there any study group communities?

A: You could post to see if there are other folks out on the community who might want to form a study group.


Q: Are there case studies for visual statistics?

A: We currently do not have any, but we could look into it. There was a suggestion from the panel that perhaps you could look at white papers from SAS Global Forum on the subject.


Q: How can I find information on VA and VS from whitepapers from SAS Global Forum?

A: You can check out the proceedings from SAS Global Forum at:

From there, you can search by topic and you can also link to other locations where you can find technical papers by product.

About SAS conference proceedings

Looking for more papers and presentations?  Visit/search these sites:


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