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Polish and share reports in SAS Visual Analytics 7.1

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Your report is almost ready to show off to your peers and managers. Before pressing send, you can customize filter expressions, ranking, calculation expressions and display rules in SAS Visual Analytics 7.1. Then simply print to PDF and schedule for distribution. You can even distribute reports in multiple languages.


Sample viewer:




I’ve seen a few questions here on ranking and setting rules. How will the new features help you out?


Learn about other features in SAS Visual Analytics 7.1, and follow this community for more updates.


Hi Anna,

we are using Visual Analtics 6.3 version. I have a requirement like, I need to display top 50 customers. My, In memory dataset contains a Rank Column which has all the Rank values .But I am unable to create a filter based on Rank column because when i am selecting filter ,Rank column is not displaying.

Kindly Let me know how i could resolve this issue.

Many Thanks In Advance.

Hi ,

I believe the Ranks that Anna was referring to was using the Rank tab in the right pane for a report object or exploration rather than having a pre-defined rank column to subset a filter. You may want to use the Rank tab for your top 50 customers. Here is a link to how to add a rank Add a New Rank - SAS(R) Visual Analytics 7.1: User's Guide Please note that this is the 7.1 documentation not 6.3. It appears the previous documentation versions have been removed from the SAS Visual Analytics Documentation Page

When using the Rank tab in 6.3 there is no parameter option - this is new in 7.1

If you want to use your own Rank Column instead with a filter then it depends on the data item type your column is and how you want to use it. If it is measure it will be aggregated or is it a category type. A screenshot would help to see what you mean/trying to do. If a basic filter isn't working for you then perhaps you may need to look at an advanced filter. Some information on filtering can be found at SAS(R) Visual Analytics 7.1: User's Guide

Kind Regards,


Hi Sandeep_reddy,

Yes, Michelle is correct - the ranking mentioned in the initial article can be found in SAS Visual Analytics 7.1. It can also be found in SAS Visual Analytics 6.3, see this section of the 6.3 User's Guide: SAS(R) Visual Analytics 6.3: User's Guide


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