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Optimizing Marketing Interactions with SAS Customer Intelligence 360

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As marketing brands face increased pressure to do more with less, cutting through marketing noise to deliver the right message to a receptive customer can present serious challenges. While segmentation, predictive modeling and testing can improve the effectiveness of individual customer interactions, they struggle to address the full scope of customer experiences. Going one level deeper, the problem is fragmented by competing business goals across divisions, managing multiple marketing programs against constraints (like channel capacity), financial budgets and customer contact policies.


Marketing Optimization.jpg

Figure 1: The marketing optimization challenge


To maximize profit or ROI, enforce contact policies and stay within budget, brands need more than just experience and intuition. SAS Customer Intelligence 360 enables organizations to determine the optimal set of customers to target in a marketing campaign, and the optimal communications to use for each customer. Features within the software supporting marketing optimization accommodate various types of constraints that commonly restrict marketing campaigns, such as budgetary and cell size restrictions, communication channel capacities, contact policy restrictions, and other types of business rules.


A powerful topic to highlight is how users can also select the objective to be optimized. For example, you might want to maximize the expected revenue or profit, minimize the expected cost of the campaign, or maximize the total number of expected responses. Users can also control aspects of the underlying mathematical algorithms that solve the brand's unique marketing optimization problem.


SAS accommodates constraints and optimized objective selection by providing brands a preconfigured linear and constraint algorithm custom developed for challenging marketing decisions. For those familiar with SAS capabilities across other types of optimization business obstacles, the SAS OPTMODEL procedure covers linear, (mixed) integer, & nonlinear problems.


Within the subject of customer journey activation, let's walk through a presentation and demonstration together in the video below addressing the following questions:


  1. What preconfigured marketing optimization capabilities does SAS offer?
  2. How does SAS deliver them?
  3. What data and algorithms does SAS use?



Learn more about how the SAS Platform can be applied for customer journey activation here.

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