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Marketing Attribution & Journey Analytics with SAS Customer Intelligence 360

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Every brand has a marketing attribution problem, and all attribution measurement methods are wrong. You hear that all the time. Like all urban myths, they are founded on some truth. Most organizations believe they can do better on attribution. They all perceive gaps in missing touchpoint data, multiple identities across devices, arbitrary decisions on weightings for rules, and uncertainty on what actions to drive from results.

Broadly speaking, the holy grail of media measurement is to analyze the impact and business value of all company-generated marketing interactions across the complex customer journey. Our goal in this article is to take a transparent approach in discussing and demonstrating how SAS has built data-driven marketing technology to help progress past typical attribution methods and make the business case for customer journey optimization.



Figure 1: Marketing Attribution & Performance Measurement


For readers new to the subject of attribution and journey analysis, here is a recommended white paper.


Within the subject of Embedded Customer Analytics, let's walk through a detailed presentation and demonstration together in the video below to addressing:


  1. What is marketing attribution?
  2. What are the different ways of analyzing this business problem?
  3. How does SAS Customer Intelligence 360 deliver marketing attribution and customer journey analytics?​
  4. What is the Attribution ABT, and what purpose does it serve for users?



Learn more about how the SAS Platform can be applied for embedded customer analytics here.

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