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Leveraging Customer Intelligence 360 to send Mobile Push Notifications

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What is a Mobile Push Notification?

A mobile push notification is a notification sent to mobile app users when they are not in the mobile app. Mobile push notifications can be used to lead users to act on an offer or to check new features.


How can Customer Intelligence 360 be used to send mobile push notifications?

Customer Intelligence 360 offers mobile push notification task which will allow you to:

  • Define message for the push notification
  • Personalize the message
  • Define how many times a user should get a notification
  • Define a segment of users who will get a notification
  • Schedule a push notification
  • Check how many users were sent and clicked on the push notification through real time reporting after successful completion of the push notification campaign


What are the possible reasons why a customer did not receive a push notification?

  • Customer has notifications turned “off” on his/her devices
  • Customer happens to be “in” the app when the creative reaches the device (app is in “focus”)
  • Customer may have exceeded impression limits i.e. the criteria you set in Customer Intelligence 360 that a customer can receive mobile push notifications for ‘X’ number of times.
  • Customer may not be “eligible” for a message. Hence not part of a segment which is used for targeting in a mobile push notification


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