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Installing a QKB through the SAS Deployment Wizard

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There are multiple ways to install a SAS Quality Knowledge Base for use with SAS Data Loader for Hadoop. See "SAS Quality Knowledge Base (QKB)" in the SAS 9.4 In-Database Products: Administrator's Guide for more information.


  • Run the SAS Deployment Wizard (SDW).
    In the Select Products to Install dialog box, select the check box for SAS Quality Knowledge Base for your order. This installs the SAS QKB for Contact Information.

Note: The SDW option applies only to the SAS QKB for Contact Information.

For step-by-step guidance to install a QKB using the SAS Deployment Wizard, see the SAS Quality Knowledge Base for Contact Information: Installation and Configuration Guide on the SAS Documentation site.


  • Download a QKB from the SAS Downloads site.
    This option can be used for either the SAS QKB for Product Data or the SAS QKB for Contact Information.
    Select a QKB and then follow the installation instructions in the Readme file for your operating environment. To open the Readme file, you must have a SAS profile. When prompted, you can log on or create a new profile.


  • Copy a QKB that you already use with other SAS software in your enterprise.


After your initial deployment, periodically update the QKB in your Hadoop cluster to make sure that you are using the latest QKB updates provided by SAS. For more information, see “Updating and Customizing the SAS Quality Knowledge Base” in SAS 9.4 In-Database Products: Administrator's Guide.

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