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How do I do click tracking for HTML5 creatives?

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Usage Note 56441: Implementing click tracking for HTML5 creatives shows you how to track clicks for an HTML5 creative in the SAS Intelligent Advertising for Publishers system.


First, edit the creative code before you upload the HTML5 ZIP package through the Smart Upload tool. (For details on that, see SAS Note 56432: Trafficking HTML5 creatives using the SAS® Intelligent Advertising for Publishers Smart Upload tool.

As with traditional third-party click tracking in Flash, HTML5 creatives vary in the way they handle that clicks. Most third parties use a "clickTag" or "clickTAG" (case sensitive) variable. This allows the system actually serving the HTML5 content to pass in a click URL, ensuring that the click is counted on both the serving and third-party systems.


Because HTML5 creatives are served into IFRAMEs with SAS Intelligent Advertising for Publishers, you need to add a small snippet of code to the HTML5 creative source code so that the clickTag variable is usable. This is typically "index.html" in the ZIP file containing the creative contents. Once you add the code snippet, you can repackage and upload the ZIP through the Smart Upload tool.


In Usage Note 56441: Implementing click tracking for HTML5 creatives, you’ll learn 9 steps to prepare HTML5 creatives for the Smart Upload tool.

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