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How SAS Model Manager can help in generating DS2 code to run your MAS published model.

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This article is a follow up on a question from an article I published a few days ago and where I discussed how to deploy a SAS analytical model to MAS and execute it through REST API calls.  Question came how to execute same scoring model through DS2 code. 


Well SAS Model Manager gave me the answer.  For that go to the projects overview in SAS Model Manager and select the project that contains the model that has been published to MAS.  In the project select the Scoring tab and within the Scoring tab, choose Publishing Validation tab.   You get overview of different publishing validation tests because every time you publish a model the system creates such test.  You can edit a test and select an input table.  After that you can run a test of the specific model.  The validation test runs within the publishing destination that the model was published to.




Click in the Results column to view the results of the test.




The Test Results page displays information about the test, including the URIs for the test definition and test results. It also includes URIs to the SAS code that was run by SAS Model Manager, the output data set, and the SAS log that was generated when the code was run.




You can click the Output, Code, or Log pages to view the test result details.  I have attached the SAS program containing the code.  It’s a DS2 Program, executed here through CAS action.



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