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How Do I Use SAS® Model Manager? Q&A, Slides, and On-Demand Recording

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Watch this Ask the Expert session to learn the steps for registering models and modeling metadata from various interfaces, running scoring tests, defining performance monitoring reports, publishing models and much more.


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You will learn:

  • How to use SAS Model Manager’s common model repository to store and validate models and modeling metadata.
  • How to quickly deploy and use a model in production.
  • How to monitor models for decay and data for shifting distributions.

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The questions from the Q&A segment held at the end of the webinar are listed below and the slides from the webinar are attached.



In model manager in Viya 3.5, I only see Models, Projects, and Tasks. Is it different in Viya 3.5 vs. Viya 4?

We were using Model Manager on SAS Viya 4 in today’s demonstration. It is the latest version of SAS Model Manager, and it is the version of SAS Model Manager that is updated monthly. The home page and deployments page are only available on SAS Viya 4. But you can still use nearly all the functionality we went through today using Model Manager on SAS Viya 3.5, including model registration, model validation, model deployment, model monitoring, and completing workflow tasks. 


You enter or import metadata to validate models when importing or loading the models. How can you then compare models because you don't have common performance criteria?

Yes, for the comparison reports, we are trusting the data scientists to train and assess their models using the same data sets and partitions. This may call for setting a standard process in the model training or model validation processes. Workflows are a potential option for building a standard ModelOps process. If you do want to do a true side-by-side comparison of model performance over time, I do recommend looking at performance monitoring since you can ensure that performance is calculated on the same sets of data at the same time.



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Please see additional resources in the attached slide deck.


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