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For Users By Users Scholarship - Help'd a Trainer - Help'd a Student!

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Trainers for the #ForUsersByUsers #Scholarship!

Its a "DIY Scholarship" I made up myself.


These two freelance trainers - sold me a class!

Sumayya Asraf 

Kiran Venna



Then I picked people to give/gift those classes to!


The Students they will Train!



I have a fresh round of budget to use for this and I'm gearing up to find who to help!


Here is how it works...
1. If you are a "Learner" who wishes to be included among those I'll pick from to award the winning scholarship... Email me
2. If you are a "Trainer" who wishes to submit a class and syllabus with pricing for me to buy some from you to give out... Email me
3. If you want to be a nice person and participate - either by doing a round of funding - OR - learn how to do your own - I'll help... Email me


I'm doing this so to help my/our #SASCommunity.


We need to help each other.


This #ForUserByUser Scholarship has been a fun and interesting project.  I'm going to continue it and see what we can all do together!


Zeke Torres 


I am a #SAStivist and work to help my #wcsug #SASUser #Community.


You can find me at one "social media" group that I am experimenting with - #ZekesSASGroup Where we are trying to reformulate what a "FB SAS User Group" should be.

#DIYScholarship #ForUsersByUsers #iAmTryingToHelp #sasusers #RUNSAS #sasgf #wcsug #sascommunities #sasensei #sascode #sas #datavisualization #bigdata #data #cdisc #training  #ZekesSASGroup #datascience #analytics #pharmasug #scsug #sesug #YESYOUCAN


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