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Economic Impacts of Sea Level Rise on Coastal Real Estate

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Global sea levels are rising as the industrialized global economy increases carbon and methane gas concentrations in the atmosphere, contributing warming climate. Such a change has vast implications for coastal communities. This study, conducted and presented by UNC-Wilmington students @emmajiang@vrm8601 and Austin Willoughby, models the potential loss of value coastal properties in New Hanover County, N.C. will experience due to sea level rise.


You'll learn about how linear regression can predict the future value of properties in addition to methods used in ArcGIS in order to find the parcels affected by different increments of sea level rise. This analysis could be used to inform coastal residents on the potential loss in value of their property and what to expect in future years.





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Video highlights

00:20 - Why global climate is warming
00:49 - Effect on oceans and associated risks
02:22 - Data sources include NOAA, New Hanover County tax records, Zillow and USGS
03:55 - Assumptions and data challenges
06:41 - GIS methods employed
11:25 - Modeling
13:01 - Calculations explained
14:00 - Results

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