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Discover Configurations - A Marketer's Reference

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Attention Marketers! Before you start setting up all of your SAS Customer Intelligence 360 configurations, it's critical to understand what each configuration is. More importantly, you need to know why you'd benefit from setting each one up.


Business Process

What is it? A sequence of steps that your user is expected to traverse to achieve an outcome.

Benefit – Define a business process when you are interested in learning how your users go through actions/steps, where they repeat a step, and where they drop out. Such a sequence could be an application process for a credit card, registration for an event, a check-out process, and so on.


Custom Attribute

What is it? An attribute that doesn’t have a place to be collected in any of the other Discover configurations. These attributes are collected as Name/Value pairs: you define what to collect, give it a name, and collect the value.

Benefit – The capability to collect attributes which are not currently available as standalone advanced configurations (goals, promotions etc.)



What is it? An online page that allows for user input.

Benefit – Allows you to give a form a “business friendly” name.



What is it? Any single action completed by user on your site such as submitting a form or clicking on a call-to-action.

Benefit – Goals allow you to define specific user actions, and track when a user does them.


Internal Search

What is it? A visitor using the search feature on your website to find information.

Benefit – Determine which content your customers are searching for and the ability to collect the # of items that were returned in the search results. This could be important if you want to look at “zero” return search terms – that is search terms that got zero results
Page Category

What is it? A way to group web page views together for reporting.

Benefit – Enables you to collect and collate data for pages based on similarities that you specify. These similarities can be anything from type of content to metadata values and how a user interacts with them.



What is it? A unique identifier of a site visitor.

Benefit – This would allow the visitor to be identified in reporting and would allow you to build segments and targeting based on it.


What is it? In-site advertising, offers, and campaigns displayed on your site oftentimes in banner format that a user clicks.

Benefit – Determine what the effects and response rates are for promotional activities on the site.



What is it? A page impression, a visitor’s view of an entire web page.

Benefit – Allows a user to capture page views at specific points in a single page application without requiring a new page load. 


Are there some additional benefits that you'd like to share with other users? If so, we'd love to hear about them. 





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