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Digital Data Without Compromise - Breakout Session - Bintec 2021 (Grupo Bancolombia)

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Bintec aims to bring knowledge of technology and innovation trends to employees, clients and allies of Grupo Bancolombia with the support of expert organizations in the technology industry. For 13 years, this event has strengthened the Colombian technology community. Today, Bintec opens the doors to all the people in the world who want to connect to the fair and learn together with invited speakers about all the news and technological advances in the financial services and banking industry.


For the 2021 edition of the event, there were 10 trends or themes:


  • Cloud computing
  • Blockchain
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cybersecurity
  • Voice interfaces and conventional robots
  • Extended vision
  • Virtual and extended reality
  • Behavioral Internet
  • Operations from anywhere
  • Natural language processing


SAS was invited to speak on the themes related to AI and behavioral internet. In a session entitled "Digital Data Without Compromise", the agenda covered the capture of 1st party digital data, and how digital analytic technologies differentiate from one another. Recent martech industry trends revolving around data deprecation will shift common, well-adopted approaches. As inferred data gets harder to acquire, brands will prioritize their owned data assets to expand their customer and marketing analytic strategies. 


Ultimately, the translation of this process can be represented by three components:


  • DataOps
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • ModelOps

The breakout session is now available on-demand, and can be viewed below.



Learn more about how the SAS Platform can be applied for customer analytics, journey personalization and integrated marketing here.

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