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Custom Steps: Enhancements to the Column Selector Control

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As of the stable 2024.04 SAS Viya release, you can specify whether the values for the column selector control in a custom step come from an input table or from another column selector control.


Here is the new option:



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In this example custom step, the first column selector has its selections tied to an input table.




The second column selector is tied to the first column selector which means its available values for selection will come from the values selected in the first column selector.




Note:  The Link to column selector option lists the column selector controls in the step that are linked to input tables. This list does not include column selectors that are linked to another column selector control. In other words, the second column selector will not show as possible link to another column selector.


I also used a new style feature available for custom step controls to indent the second column selector to make it more visually obvious that is related to the first column selector.




When I preview the custom step, I can select certain columns for the first column selector control.




Once I have selected those four columns for the first column selector control, I can only select from those for the second column selector control.






This is an enhancement to the column selector control that you can take advantage of in your custom step design.  For more information on the Column Selector control in a custom step, refer to the following:

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