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Check out SAS’ Data Literacy Toolbox!  

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The explosion of generative AI has accelerated the need for data literacy in what was already a fast-paced, data-driven world. Data literacy is no longer a nice-to-have skill but a must-have in any field. To help more people develop these critical skills, SAS offers a free Data Literacy Toolbox that empowers individuals and professionals to explore and visualize data with confidence through self-paced e-learning.   


Whether a student, educator or professional, everyone can benefit from better data literacy. Educators can better prepare students for careers, while employers can improve the data literacy of their workforces. Business professionals can enhance their decision-making through data analysis, and individuals can explore the power of data for personal and professional enrichment.  


Key features make building data literacy easy 

The Data Literacy Toolbox makes learning about data fun, easy and practical. Key features include: 


  • User-friendly design: The toolbox is for everyone, no matter where they are on their data literacy journey. By focusing on conceptual and practical understanding rather than distracting mathematical jargon, learners feel supported and encouraged throughout the process.  
  • Real-world examples: It incorporates real-world examples, putting course takers in the shoes of real-world people utilizing data to drive informed decision-making. By working through practical scenarios, learners develop the skills to apply data literacy knowledge in real-life situations.  
  • Convenient and self-paced: SAS data literacy eLearning courses offer the flexibility to learn at any pace, anytime and anywhere. With modularized content accessible on any device, learners can easily fit learning into their schedule. The self-paced course can be completed in under three hours. 


A powerful data literacy duo 


While the two courses, Data Literacy Essentials and Data Literacy in Practice, can stand alone, they are even more powerful when taken together. Starting from the basics, Data Literacy Essentials introduces learners to fundamental data literacy concepts, such as what data is and why data literacy matters. Data Literacy in Practice teaching practical skills to begin exploring and visualizing data.  


By combining the knowledge gained from Data Literacy Essentials with the practical data visualization and exploration skills acquired in Data Literacy in Practice, learners will be fully equipped to embark on the next step of towards data literacy: SAS Visual Analytics 1. This three-course learning pathway of Data Literacy Essentials, Data Literacy in Practice, and Visual Analytics 1 sets learners on their analytics career journey.    



Thanks for making this available!

So excited for this! These courses will help so many on the path to data analytics!

I'm excited to share this with faculty and students. It's a great onramp to data analytics software! 

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