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Best Practices for converting SAS code to leverage SAS Cloud Analytic Services (CAS)

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This video by Steven Sober, designed for an introductory audience, helps you understand how to convert SAS® code to leverage the distributed computing engine in SAS® Cloud Analytic Services (CAS).


As customers adopt SAS® Viya®, they have access to many new visual interfaces, procedures, and CAS action sets that execute code in CAS. But what about existing SAS routines? How does one convert these routines to leverage CAS? This video covers terminology, the sweet spot in CAS, the biggest SAS®9 gotchas in the conversion of SAS code to SAS Viya and CAS, best practices in doing the conversion, workarounds, case studies, coding examples, and reading material.


Additionally, you will learn how to engage with SAS to run your SAS code through the SAS Viya readiness assessment utility, which produces reports to assist you in your conversion of SAS code to leverage CAS.



Video highlights

0:56 – GitHub repository

09:24 – SAS Studio demo

11:28 – SAS Viya readiness assessment utility


Related Resources

Steven’s SASGF paper on the topic (proceedings)

My experiences in adopting SAS Cloud Analytic Services into Base SAS processes (paper)

SAS Tutorial: Coding in SAS Viya (video)


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