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Analytical Campaign Management for Digital, Direct & Email with SAS Customer Intelligence 360

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The topic of campaign management within marketing is nothing new, but the challenges associated with this subject have evolved over time. The pressure a brand experiences between the competing forces of database and digital marketing cannot be understated. As consumers expect more relevance and personalization in their respective interactions with brands, SAS Customer Intelligence 360 provides the power and flexibility that marketing organizations need to coordinate and deliver analytically driven communications. 

Year after year as I interact with clients, it's not a surprise to observe brands using a variety of tools for campaign management across different departments or lines of business. Yet, it can cause problems and missed opportunities. The question is:


Does it have to be this way?


Marketing technologists require the ability to define target segments, prioritize selection rules, assign messages, orchestrate schedules, execute campaigns and analyze performance. In response, SAS Customer Intelligence 360 has been designed to provide users:


  • Decision tools that provide users with the ability to control which customers are targeted by channel, offer and message
  • Orchestration control allowing users to automatically run campaigns on a one-time or recurring basis
  • Graphically driven selection tools that provide access to data and analytics to create and select the most appropriate audience to target for acquisition, cross-sell, retention and win-back campaigns


The activation of AI within customer journeys involves the infusion of analytics throughout the creation, coordination and delivery processes of orchestrating consumer experiences. The result is intelligent marketing that grabs your customer's attention.


Intelligent Marketing.jpg

Figure 1: AI Activation for Customer Journeys


Within the subject of customer journey activation, let's walk through a presentation and demonstration together in the video below addressing the following questions:


  1. How does SAS deliver behavioral customer segments?
  2. What data, algorithms and techniques does SAS use?
  3. How does SAS empower users to take action based on segmentation and journey analytics?




Learn more about how the SAS Platform can be applied for customer journey activation here.

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