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Quartz | Level 8

Hi @art297  Fair enough. Now, I believe you 🙂  Thank you!

Super User Tom
Super User

@art297 wrote:

@Andygray: A little more digging indicated that they were using BITNET (i.e., Because It's There NET, see: Email, via BITNET, was available as early as 1981.


I know informal SAS discussion was active on BITNET as early as 1983 since I used it send message from CUNYVM to YALEVM.  


LISTSERV didn't start until 1986 and I would not be surprised if SAS-L wasn't one of the first listserv mailing lists.

Tourmaline | Level 20

I wouldn't be surprised the search algorithm for the communities was perhaps miller's paigerank algorithm approved by the pope to our CEO. :)Smiley Wink

Barite | Level 11

In case anyone is interested, my last SGF talk had an overview of the various SAS communities / support channels through the years:


  • 1971 - SAS Support
  • 1976 - SAS User Groups
  • 1986 - SAS-L
  • 2006 - SAS Communities
  • 2007 -
  • 2008 - Linkedin, Twitter, Stackoverflow
  • 2009 - Reddit
  • 2010 - Quora & Github
  • 2011 - Facebook
  • 2017 - Sasensei





SAS Challenges - SASensei
MacroCore library for app developers
SAS networking events (BeLux, Germany, UK&I)

Data Workflows, Data Contracts, Data Lineage, Drag & drop excel EUCs to SAS 9 & Viya - Data Controller
DevOps and AppDev on SAS 9 / Viya / Base SAS - SASjs


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