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SAS needs similar functionality as RMarkdown that allows for code and output to be more directly controlled. 


This would make it easier to create tutorials and reference materials for students, teaching and blog posts. Jupyter Notebook offers some functionality that's similar but doesn't have the full suite of capabilities as RMarkdown.

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Quartz | Level 8

I think it would be great if this was coded within a SAS solution so students could run their code chunks while creating beautiful and attractive documents.  Since R is open source maybe you can just use markdown from within SAS, you can call SAS from Rstudio using SAS Markdown but for teaching it is much nicer to have students learn to code in a SAS programming environment.  

I am aware of Statrep with latex but it does not have the nice usability a person gets in terms of work flow that one experiences when using Rmarkdown within Rstudio.   As a professor I have used Statrep to make documents but it is too much for beginners to  learn.  I have students learn Rmarkdown on the first day when I teach with R, see and open some of the application exercises to get an idea.