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Global airports - connecting the world

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I started looking into data available from OpenFlights a little while back to see what connections are available from Australia given various carriers. I also wanted to test out some transparency related features added in VA 8.x so I thought about how to best merge the two.


Certainly not the everyday business dashboard - but in the end creating #dataviz is also about creativity. The following example has only two main visualizations - a bar chart to the left (top 10 ranking given number of flights) and the main flight connections for a selected carrier (Air China in the screenshot) utilizing a network graph on geo. The network shows larger bubbles for airports with higher number of connecting flights for a given carrier.


Adding two additional key indicators and text as well as mixing in a matching background image from Pexels renders as follow:




The network graph really needs a legend to better explain the numbers - something for version 2.


Really, really nice #dataviz!

Keep up the good work, I enjoy it a lot 🙂


This is VERY cool!!!  thanks for sharing it?  How are you coming along with version 2?


It looks pretty. Loved such things. Top 10 ranking given number of flights - for the year? If it seems that Emirates should be on this list. I want to try to do the same. But I don’t know how to start)

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