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The viya-cli tool implicitly requires a direct link to Internet portal in order to install the plug-ins collection . Except for cloud jumpboxes or personal Macbook, on-premise installation within large organisations use company proxy servers to reach the internet, which means that 


  • either viya-cli archive has to be provided, as a download archive, in portal in a portable version, including every plugin  OOTB inclusively (1), 
  • or viya-cli install syntax must be able to use http/https proxy settings  (environment variables HTTP_PROXY, HTTPS_PROXY) (2)

or both !


The following discussion might imply that the option (2) is already planned in a future release.


How to use sas cli in proxy environment - SAS Support Communities


I checked the release sas-viya version 1.21.9 on Linux before posting.


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SAS Employee

Could you please check if your proxy server allows If it does then you should be able to download the plugins. Proxy support was added in sas-viya-cli version 1.21.6.