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I think that SAS Visual Analytics be enhanced to provide for up to three title lines on an object.


Under SAS Visual Analytics 8.5.2 we are only allowed to define a single title linefor a report object, such as a bar chart.


Whilst I know that titles should not be very wordy, sometimes it helps to have a little explanatory text as line #2 or even line #3 of a title.


At the moment I am stuck with something like the following screenshot of a chart using my favourite made-up data. The title for the report could be made more informative if the text could be split across several lines as I wanted them to be, not just auto-wrapped.




Vote for this fantastic idea, please ! Anything that encourages more people to use SAS Visual Analytics for more things, can't be all bad, right ?


Downunder Dave





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Obsidian | Level 7

This is a very reasonable request.
The workaround of using a separate text object will make the graph incomplete when maximizing, exporting to picture or including the graph object in another web application.